What will my child learn at TPK?

As a staff we are committed to providing…

A loving and nurturing environment for your child to grow.

  • Children will learn that they are loved by God, their teachers, and the Preschool staff through the acceptance and encouragement they receive at school.
  • We will tailor the classroom environment and activities to be appropriate to the developmental abilities of the children.
  • Children will be helped to develop appropriate behavior through various means of guidance and discipline such as offering choices within safe and desired parameters. Conscious Discipline is used in the classroom and uses daily interactions to teach character development, conflict resolution, social skills, and self-control.

A creative, concrete curriculum in which children will learn through play experiences.

  • Teachers will present learning experiences in a variety of ways to help children approach learning skills with joy and eagerness.
  • Teachers will create hands-on learning experiences to encourage and motivate the children to discover and explore the world.
  • In the classroom, we organize materials and centers to allow children to work both independently and in small groups. Teachers will encourage the children to use a variety of materials to try out their new ideas and problem solving methods, recognizing that the process is more important than the product.

A balance of experiences to help children grow in all areas.

  • Teachers and teaching teams develop a variety of lessons and activities to develop children’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual knowledge and abilities.
  • Each day will have a balance of quiet and active times, structured and unstructured times.
  • Our curriculum consists of a series of themed units, creating opportunities for children to discover science, math, language, community helpers, culture, art, music, and history.