July 2020 Update

You may have seen this week that Fairfax County Public Schools has decided to shift to all virtual learning for at least the first quarter of the year. A few TPK families have asked how that decision will impact our school. TPK is currently planning to open in person in September. Our licensing as a child day center allows us to operate in person with specific health guidelines, and we are diligently planning to implement those guidelines for the health and well-being of our community. Additionally, in accordance with health guidelines, TPK will run on a smaller footprint – we have limited class size to 10, and we can easily create a classroom “bubble” that does not require us to mix up groups of children during the day. FCPS weighed many factors in their decision to go virtual this fall, including buses, cafeterias, specials classes, and other important considerations which do not apply to TPK. We believe that these factors and the simple model of our school allow us to begin our school year together.

Watch for an email from us in early August with all the information you need to start school. We’ll share our updated parent handbook with you so that you can learn about some of the ways we’ve changed our operations in order to help promote a safe, healthy, and happy environment for your children. We’ll also be sharing back-to-school information including our plans for Open House and Back To School Night.

Please reach out to us with any questions that you may have.



June 2020 Update

Hi Parents,

I hope you are having a wonderful summer with your families and finding safe and fun things to do with your children that create lasting memories. Your children will have limited memory of this time in their lives, but they will remember how they felt and you provide that emotional stability, comfort, fun and love that they need to flourish!

We have been creating our reopening plan at TPK and look forward to welcoming our students onto campus September 8th.

We have been creating procedures for next school year in accordance with our licensing guidelines for phase 3 reopening. I want you to know we are committed to your children’s health and safety both physically and emotionally and therefore have created some needed changes to regular operations while maintaining an engaging preschool experience that will feel as normal as possible.


Class structure and starting school

  • We plan to return to school the day after Labor Day. On Tuesday, September 9, we will hold a staggered schedule of Open House times to give families a chance to see their child’s classroom and meet the teachers (we’ll ask parents to wear masks and we’ll have you sign up for a time so that we can limit the number of people in the building at one time). We’ll start our normal schedule of classes on Wednesday, September 10, and your child will attend school on their normal days that week.
  • Class sizes will be reduced to 10 students per class for most classes, with a larger Kindergarten class.
  • There will no longer be a drop-in extended care program (Imagination Factory/Stay & Play) from 1:00-3:30. Families requiring childcare until 3:30 will sign up for an “All day” class and their child will be in that class from 8:00-3:30 (please let us know ASAP if your family would like this class option).


Dropoff and pickup

  • Children will be dropped off and picked up outside the building with their classroom teacher and walked into the building to limit the number of parents entering the building and being in close proximity to each other daily. Parents arriving late will need to call the office and we will collect their child from the front door.
  • Children and Staff will have their temperature taken before entering the building each morning, and we will ask a few simple health questions before dropoff is complete.


Classroom procedures

  • Children will stay in their class “bubble” and not mix with other classes or “bubbles” throughout the day.
  • Teachers will wear masks in the hallways and outside on campus.
  • Children will not be required to wear masks.
  • The playground will be open for one class at a time, and will be included in our sanitizing rotation.
  • Chapel will either be in class or in the chapel (one class at a time).
  • Teachers will create varied and engaging Centers that encourage children to spread out around the classroom and engage in smaller groupings.
  • Library books will be quarantined after use for 72 hours
  • Equipment in the classroom will become predominantly wipeable equipment and fabrics will be limited.



Cleaning and sanitizing

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned in between each class’s use.
  • Air purifiers have been purchased for every classroom and shared spaces
  • A professional cleaning company will work each day during school hours to clean in a continuous loop of the building sanitizing and cleaning shared spaces such as hallways, bathrooms, doorknobs, stairwells, etc..
  • A newly purchased sanitizing spray gun will sanitize playground equipment and Upper Room play equipment in between classes.
  • Teachers will clean equipment used in the classroom daily after school with a provided sanitizing sprayer or quarantine materials for 72 hours.
  • The whole building will be thoroughly cleaned every evening.


If things change

  • In Spring 2020, our teaching teams provided excellent opportunities for academic and social engagement with our students. In fall 2020 and beyond, in the event that the health situation changes and child day centers like ours need to close, we will continue to support families with robust distance learning.
  • The TPK Board has decided that for this school year, your tuition deposit can become refundable if the changes we make mean that we are no longer able to serve your family.

Again, we are committed to our kids having an emotionally and physically safe school year. Children need interaction and hands on learning experiences in order to learn and make connections. This year will look and feel a little different, yet our mission is unchanged. Our delivery will have some needed tweaks for a safe and productive year!

These are the current procedural changes and subject to change based on incoming information or adjusted guidelines from our licensing. I know we will adjust to these changes and provide a great school year for our kids! A more detailed parent handbook will be sent to you shortly.


We look forward to serving your family.


Fiona Bracy