How to Incorporate Early Literacy Into Your Daily Activities

Something we say over and over again at TPK is: You (mom and dad) are your child's first and best teacher. Your children learn so much from you throughout their development. This is never more evident than during the very early years of your child's life, during which they show incredible growth and development. Did [...]

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Why Preschool Matters

It's Preschool registration time, and we are so enjoying meeting prospective students and their families. One of the questions people sometime ask us is: "What difference is Preschool going to make for my child? How does it benefit them?" Read on to learn a little about what benefits Preschool may have for your child's growth [...]

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Using Digital Media Well With Your Kids

Confession time: I use the iPad as a babysitter sometimes. I know - all the experts say not to. But there have been so many times over the years that what I've needed was just to have my child distracted for a few minutes so I can take a shower or unload the dishwasher or [...]

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Pre-K or Kindergarten? Public school or private school? Choosing the Right School for Your Family

It's preschool registration time, and we know that lots of families are deciding where their children will go to school next year. For our families with 4-year-olds especially, we know that many of you are deciding between Pre-K and Kindergarten; and we know that many of you are exploring your options for Kindergarten, be it [...]

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Not Just Sledding: Snow Day Fun for Preschoolers

In honor of the first snowfall of 2017, today we want to share some fun snow activities you can do with your kids. Snow days can be great days to spend some extra time with your kids, creating fun memories, and even helping your kids continue their learning when they're not at school. These activities [...]

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From Defiance to Compliance — Using Conscious Discipline

It’s happening. Again! I’ve asked nicely. I’ve counted to 3 really slowly. I’ve used my kind voice, my stern voice. Now somehow I have reduced myself to almost begging my child to comply. “I just need you to put your shoes on sweetie. Come on, can you do this for mommy please?” Now what? Now [...]

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Top 5 Habits to Start with Your Kids

It's a new year, and we know many of you are making resolutions, getting a fresh start, or just re-establishing your routines after the Christmas break. Today, we offer some ideas for habits you can start with your children at any time of year, which will benefit their interpersonal and social/emotional development for years to [...]

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