Making the Transition to “Big School” Easier

It's our last day at TPK for the school year! We have had such a wonderful year - getting to know your children, playing, learning, trying new things, making friends... For some of our littles, what comes next is a transition to "big school" - whether that's public school or private school. Today we'd like to [...]

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Shaping Your Child’s Worldview

As our children grow up, they will each have to find the answers to many questions of life. They will work to establish their own identities, to figure out how to relate to the world around them - and they will at some point have to figure out what they know about God. These are big questions [...]

By Fiona Bracy|2020-11-20T12:06:01-05:00Fri, May 5, 2017|Categories: Parenting, Spiritual Growth|
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