“Tricky people”: Keeping our children safe

Keeping our children safe is a big, important part of parenting and nobody wants their child to become a statistic.  We want to teach our children about safety, but it is a complex issue and we don’t want to scare them.  We want them to be friendly with the lady at the checkout, but we [...]

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Helping our children to love well

The Bible tells us that we were made by love and for love. God lives in perfect love within himself, within the Trinity, and out of the fullness of God’s triune being and perfect love he created people in His image. We are also to live in love, to share in the experience of loving [...]

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Helping your child develop healthy self-esteem

Healthy Self Esteem is important. Children who feel good about themselves are better set for success socially and academically. Healthy self-esteem helps children gain in confidence, face challenges, enjoy successes and cope with disappointments or mistakes.   Give your children choices: While we desire our children to follow directions and this is an important skill [...]

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Perspectives on failure

I want to tell you a little story about failure. When I graduated from high school, I had been accepted to my dream college. It was my first choice school – a top tier liberal-arts school with distinguished alumni and a long history of educating women who go on to do great things in the [...]

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