“Books and Cooks” – Kitchen Fun With Kids

Looking for a fun family activity for a weekend or a snow day? Spending time together in the kitchen has many benefits. It creates a fun and engaging activity for your child to explore language, math and science in a practical way with an edible outcome! It encourages your child to try new foods, and [...]

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Parenting a Child Who Struggles Socially

Developing social skills can take a life-time of practice. I know I still feel overwhelmed at times when I walk into a room full of strangers. The introvert in me wants to turn around, go home and have a bowl of ice cream to lessen my stress. But, as an adult, I use some of [...]

By Deborah Gainer|2020-11-20T12:05:54-05:00Fri, Feb 22, 2019|Categories: Parenting|

“My child needs to move ALL THE TIME!”

Children need to move all the time. As a parent, you might be saying “Don’t I know it!”  Unless they are sleeping or involved in a screen, they are nonstop balls of energy.  While it may be exhausting for us to watch or facilitate, for children, movement is a mode through which they learn and [...]

By Vicki Ledeboer|2019-02-15T09:18:41-05:00Fri, Feb 15, 2019|Categories: Parenting, Play|

Current Trends in Children’s Books

Last week we talked about classic children's literature and the stories that have stood the test of time. I'm a huge fan of kids' books from picture books up to YA, and I'm enjoying some current trends in books for children. Here are a few new(ish) and notable titles for read-alouds and for early readers. [...]

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