Best 5 Habits for Preschoolers: Tricia Tabb

Fiona sent me an email asking me if I would consider writing a blog article for TPK of the Best 5 habits to start with your preschooler. I replied to her, “pondering….when is it due?” I was packing for a two week trip to care for our grandchildren in South Carolina.

I turned to my husband of 42 years, Michael, and asked him the question. He said: “Oh, you can so do that honey! Tell them to have a place for their stuff, shoes, toys, clothes and wash their hands with just soap and water!”

I need to share with you right here, two things. 1. Michael is a retired paramedic 2. it took us a few years to have a specific place for ‘ his’ keys! I can remember the boys saying,” Dad did you look in your pocket, on top of the china closet, in the powder room? Dad why don’t you put it on the hook inside the door???” You get the idea; an orderly home did not come naturally to our family.

My dear mother was immaculate; no matter where in the world we were living you could eat off the floor, truthfully I could never do it just the right way so sort of rebelled and to this day I struggle at times to keep it all together! However as a young family we learned quickly, that with two sons challenged by ADHD, having a place for their things and ours made life less stressful and taught the boys that it was their job to know where their stuff was, not Mom! It takes more time, but learning these things now is a life lesson!

Here is our list. And another thing to share – it is not exactly five, but four sections with some ideas that I pray will give you something to ponder for your own precious family!


  1. Make your requests known to the Lord! Say PLEASE and THANK YOU, have an attitude of gratitude!


  1. You are wonderfully and fearfully made! Take care of your body, God gave it to YOU! Wash your hands with just soap and water! Sneeze into your elbow! Drink plenty of water!


  1. God created our world with a certain order to it! Have a routine at home: Hang your coat, backpack, lunch box up! Know where your shoes are! Pick your clothes out before you go to bed! Put your toys into a bin, Legos underfoot hurt!


  1. Servant’s heart starts at home! Chores that are meaningful and reasonable for a preschooler. Like matching ever ones socks. Putting away cans or boxes after a shopping trip. Jump on those cereal boxes that need to go into the recycling bin.



“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11

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