“Books and Cooks” – Kitchen Fun With Kids

Looking for a fun family activity for a weekend or a snow day? Spending time together in the kitchen has many benefits. It creates a fun and engaging activity for your child to explore language, math and science in a practical way with an edible outcome! It encourages your child to try new foods, and [...]

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Current Trends in Children’s Books

Last week we talked about classic children's literature and the stories that have stood the test of time. I'm a huge fan of kids' books from picture books up to YA, and I'm enjoying some current trends in books for children. Here are a few new(ish) and notable titles for read-alouds and for early readers. [...]

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Children’s Literature: Some Thoughts on the Classics

I love to read. I love everything about reading. I love to go to the library or the bookstore and browse through all the volumes. I love the feel of turning the pages. I love getting to know the characters and where they live. I grieve a little when I get to the last page [...]

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So your preschooler is academically advanced

One of my favorite things about being a parent and working here at the Preschool is that I get to watch children grow and learn. I'm intrigued by what they come up with in their young brains. Kids are creative, interesting, and curious! And they are all unique in their development and learning. Some children [...]

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Back to School!

Welcome back to school! At the Preschool this week, we've had our Meet & Greet and Open House, and now we're having our first days of school. Your sweet children are trying out new things, making friends, and discovering classroom routines. For some this is the first time they've been away from Mom during the [...]

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Why Developmental Milestones Matter

As a first time mom, I was beside myself. Why wasn’t he walking yet? His best friend and playmate had been walking for weeks already, and Jonah was still on all fours crawling beside him. Was there something wrong with him? Will this hinder his success later on? What was it that I was doing [...]

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All they do is play?? – Developmental learning and your child

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood” -- Fred Rogers Have you ever wondered what your children do at preschool all day? This blog post will tell you about the way we approach learning at TPK. As a bonus [...]

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Hands-On Learning with our Kindergarten class

Recently, our Kindergarten class enjoyed a field trip to Hidden Oaks Nature Center to learn about The Eastern Woodland Indians. Then we continued our study back in the classroom. As we studied that many tribes had their own languages, they communicated with signs as well as pictographs on materials found in nature.  The children created their own stories [...]

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More Preschool Books We Love

It’s Literacy Week at TPK! You might have seen our littlest friends parading about the building in costumes - teachers too - and carrying books related to their costumes. So we are taking this opportunity to share with you about books we love and how to help your child find books they will love too. [...]

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