Not another snow day… What can I do with my kids today??

Moms, have you ever watched the snow fall outside, knowing you were going to have your kids home from school, and wondered how you were going to keep them occupied? Us too. It takes a little more creativity to think of ways to keep your children productively busy in the winter… so here are some ideas from the TPK team!

Family Movie Day

An obvious entertainment solution is a good family movie, and we think you should definitely plan that in for a portion of your snow day. Creating special memories by snuggling up in pajamas and blankets with a hot chocolate is always special.

Okay, so a couple of hours are spoken for. What now?


Spray painting snow with food coloring

This activity is a big hit with some of our older kids, too. Mix food coloring and water in dollar-store spray bottles and paint in the snow! See here for instructions.


Watercolor painting

Less messy than getting out tempera paint in your home, watercolors are a great way of exploring creativity!

Need to try something new with watercolors? Try the wet on wet technique shown here.


Digging for treasure in the iceberg

Freeze toys, or any small plastic items inside a plastic bowl of water then tip out the “iceberg” once it is frozen all the way and let your children dig for the treasures!



Dark dinners!

Our family did this when our kids were small and we still sometimes do this now when my now grown children are feeling nostalgic..

Create an easy crock pot dinner for a snow day like chili …stir ingredients in a large bowl to tip into a crock pot. Your children can help to tip the ingredients in and stir it together.

While the dinner is cooking have children make place cards or table mats for each family member. Give them some plain paper or card stock to draw and write on for each person. This will give them practice writing their names and the names of their family with a clear purpose that will be celebrated at dinner! They could draw something on each person’s placemat that is a personal joy to that family member. This helps your child to think about their siblings and parents and think about what THEY like not just what they like. “What does mom like?” “What does my brother like?”

Light candles at dinner time and turn lights down. Kids find this so exciting!

Have children set the table and enjoy a dinner that they created with you.

Create a kitchen band with plastic pots, saucepans, frying pans etc.. and wooden spoons. Allow children to make a joyful noise! (set a timer on this so they know when it is time to stop too!)


Make an indoor snow fort

Use your dining room table or couches and let the kids create a snow fort with blankets, sheets clothes pins and flashlights. This is a great STEM activity and promotes problem solving techniques. “How can I make the blanket stay in place?” “How can I make compartments inside my fort?” “What games can we play inside the fort?”



Consider inviting other friends over to play once it is safe to travel by road so your children have new interactions to enjoy and need a little less of you as their entertainer!










“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11

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